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Biology Dictionary PRO SMART Guide

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Forfatter: MediaAgility LLC
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With more than 3500 biological terms and their meanings, this Biology Dictionary will sure cement your basics of Biology. For quick and SMART learning this Biology App has lots of pictorial presentation of all terms and many more. This app is full of numerous QUIZZES to brush up your knowledge and challenge your learning.

Biology Dictionary is categorised into the following categories:

• Biochemistry
• Cell Biology
• Genetics
• Botany
• Environment Biology
• Microbiology
• Anatomy
• Taxonomy
• Endocrinology
• Zoology
• Miscellaneous

• Quiz- Test yourself and memorize with this biology quiz.
• Autoplay- Listen to all the terms and its meaning.
• Contribute- If you think something’s amiss, contribute it!
• Edubank- Save most frequent terms you need.

Easy to navigate, simple to find terms and fun to learn from. Install Biology Dictionary today!